I regard my artwork as a set of compositions where figurative painting is merged with colourful and intricate geometrical backgrounds.

The figures in my paintings are characters taking the center stage being caught in ordinary human activities. These characters are being depicted mostly in a rather humour-like fashion highlighting their experiences in expressing human emotions and underlining the absurdity of certain situations.

By freezing these expressions with intended emphasis I wish to create a sensation in the viewer and hopefully a sense of connection with moments we find ourselves in as humans.

I like taking these figures out of context and placing them in contrasting colourful patterns which in turn aim to represent the inner abstract world of sensations and emotions.

In recent years I´ve also been experimenting with water in my paintings, fascinated with the distortions it creates when bodies are submerged inside and the reflexions it creates, this has very much inspired me to represent these effects with oil paint.

In the future I wish to keep on creating and experimenting with colourful- abstract and figurative compositions in a larger scale and looking forward to include more elements such as animals, nature, toys, machines, etc…